Chekwas Ukefi Obasi (d. 16/08/2023) 
And just like that, Chekwas Ukefi Obasi, you are gone. You were the brightest star with the most loving heart and your friends at Northampton Male Voice Choir are left heartbroken with a sadness that knows no bounds. Your fellow choristers simply adored you, Cheks. Travel well, good friend, and sing your very best forever in that celestial choir. 
Cheks joined us at Northampton Male Voice Choir in 2018 as part of our major charity challenge that year to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. He went on to become a full time NMVC chorister, bringing delight and smiles to everyone with his great aura and energy. 
We all loved his impeccable dress sense – which led him to self-tailor his choir uniform trousers in keeping with the latest “slim fit” style. 
Cheks has truly become a legend at NMVC and will never be forgotten.
Our sincere condolences go to his family, many friends and colleagues.
Cheks was an orphan and is survived by four siblings for whom he was solely responsible. This included sponsoring a sister who has been studying in the UK for her master’s degree. With the help of the charity, NDUK, (Nigerian Doctors in the UK) his former colleagues have organised a fundraising campaign to help support Cheks’ family with funeral arrangements and other matters. For further information and donations the link is 
His former colleague and friend, Dr Nkiru Oluwatosin, has kindly sent us this wonderful image of Cheks (far right) who was her husband’s best man at their wedding in 2015.