Northampton Male Voice Choir (NMVC) has recently diversified by forming a small, predominately a cappella, chorus to perform repertoire which the main choir would not normally sing.

With no more than 20 members – selected by NMVC Musical Director, Stephen Bell – NMVC Lite is ideal for performing at smaller venues in which the 80 strong main Northampton Male Voice choir could not be accommodated.

Currently The Lite is excitedly gearing up for its very first competitive event, having entered the Milton Keynes Festival of the Arts on 13 March.

And the first two concert bookings for The Lite” have already been taken:

Saturday 18 April: The Lite will perform at a Rotary Club Charity Concert in the Bede House, Higham Ferrers.

Saturday 18 July: The Lite will perform as the special guests of Kettering’s “Decibelles” ladies choir at their “Showtime” concert in the United Reform Church, London Road, Kettering.

For further information about NMVC Lite and all Lite booking enquiries please contact Stephen Bell on 07749 111171.